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Duende Entendre and Sam West

duende 2FREE music event at the MonDak Heritage Center. Everyone is welcome. The duo Duende Entendre will perform their experimental set first, then Sam West will perform. duende entendre is the sound art duo formed in 2008 by poet/singer/bassist, Sam West and composer/percussionist/sound artist, Ron Coulter. The duo works in the continuum of free improvisation and composition, creating manifold events of encapsulating soundscapes, provocative vignettes, and spontaneous statements in sound. Acoustic instruments and found-instruments are combined with both analog and digital electronics, and the expanded possibilities of the human voice. Sam West is a bassist, songwriter, poet, composer and vocalist. Since calling Nashville TN home in 2011, West has spent time backing some of Music City's finest on upright bass and vocals and continues building a steadfast repertoire of original material. Ron Coulter is Instructor of Percussion, Improvisation, and World Music at Casper College in Casper, WY. He has performed internationally with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Linux Laptop Orchestra, Chicago Chamber Orchestra, among others.  

Sounds You’ve Never Seen Yet! Music Workshop

duende Workshop is free and open to the public! Sounds You’ve Never Seen Before! is an accessible, interactive, and instructive 45-­‐minute presentation of percussion, experimental music, and contemporary songwriting presented by percussionist, Ron Coulter and vocalist, bassist Sam West. The purpose of the presentation is to expose people to the value, breadth, and accessibility of new music, percussion instruments, electronics (as related to the creation of live music), improvisation, and an understanding of song structure. The target audience includes children ages five to eighteen but the presentation is accessible and informative to any age group with zero to advanced musical training. Prior to the performance of each work, the instruments and/or sound sources involved will be introduced, described, and demonstrated. Appropriate discourse as to the cultural origins and traditional function of the instruments will be presented and unique aspects of each work will be discussed and related to musical styles familiar to the target audience. Unique aspects of works to be discussed may include the use of phonetics and phonemics (language as music), improvisation, programmatic content, use of electronic hardware and software, found instruments, sound as related to gesture and intent, etcetera. The audience will be engaged through questions, active participation in the performance of selected works, and opportunity for selected persons to try an instrument. Goals, or the desired outcome, of the presentation include exposure to specific instruments, musical styles, and performance practices for the first time; a deeper understanding and awareness of new music, percussion instruments, and selected pieces of electronic hardware and software; a feeling of accessibility and communality to music, performance, and the creative process. A conclusive discussion on creative context will take aspects learned through the presentation and put them into the perspective of songwriting, including but not limited to the components of contemporary western commercial song structure. Groove, chord structure, harmony, melody and lyrics will be utilized to create a song on-­‐site, with the assistance of the audience.

Ranger Talk: So Who is Hugh Glass? Working on the Movie “The Revenant”

lorenyellowbird Join us at the MonDak Heritage Center during your lunch hour to learn about Loren Yellow Bird's experience working on the movie "The Revenant." Ranger Talks are free and open to the public. The story of Hugh Glass is one that is connected to Fort Union, Glass had many encounters with nature, tribes, and survival. Ranger Yellow Bird will give you an introduction to this story and tell how the film worked to create as much authenticity it could and how he provided his expertise on their use of Native languages, culture and story line.

Ranger Talk: Fort Union After the Fur Trade

Join us at the MonDak Heritage Center over your lunch break for our Ranger Talk with Fort Union Trading Post Ranger Lisa Sanden. Ranger Talks are free and open to the public.
Fort Union ruled the Upper Missouri as an active fur trading post 1828-1867. Shortly after closing, the US Military scavenged the site for building materials to expand newly built Fort Buford. Thereafter the site it listed "in ruins" by historic maps. By the turn of the century, nothing of the “old post” remained but some surface depressions and exposed artifacts. Yet, today, the reconstructed Fort again looms over the Missouri River. Meet at the MonDak to learn the confluence of factors that protected the historic site and forced the reconstruction of Fort Union Trading Post National Historic Site.

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