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How will my donation help the MonDak and my community?

The mission of the MonDak Heritage Center is integral to the economic and social health of Sidney and the wider MonDak region. Studies show that communities who support the arts are better able to sustain economic growth by attracting and retaining educated workers. Furthermore, by preserving our heritage we instill in our community a sense of pride and purpose that can help lower high school drop-out rates and increase community involvement.

Since 1967 the Center has been supported through a combination of cash and in-kind donations, memberships, support from the City of Sidney and Richland County, as well as grants and fundraising activities. As government and public funds available for the support of the arts and humanities decrease, however, private donations are becoming increasingly important for the MDHC.

If you would like to donate to the MonDak Heritage Center, or learn more about our projects, contact us at 120 3rd Ave. SE in Sidney, Montana; by phone at (406) 433-3500, or by e-mail at

Note: Your gifts are tax deductible. The MonDak Historical and Arts Society is an acknowledged 501(c)3 nonprofit and your gifts of money and property to the MonDak Heritage Center are tax deductible. For volunteers, even mileage can be deductible. Please see your accountant or tax adviser for information.

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