MonDak Heritage Center Endowment Fund

DisplayThis fund was established in 1993 with the generous gifts from patrons in the MonDak region who wanted to see the MonDak Heritage Center continue as a repository of the history and art of the region and its inhabitants, and as a center for the arts and cultural events. This fund supports operations for a quality museum open year round and attracts top artists and traveling exhibits to the country.

Anyone can contribute gifts of any size to the Endowment Fund to continue the support envisioned by the founders of the MonDak Historical & Art Society for historical preservation and cultural activities. These gifts not only keep the Heritage Center open today, but are permanant investments in the future of the museum.

There are numerous ways you can contribute to the Endowment Fund:

  • Gifts of Property
  • Memorials
  • Make the Endowment Fund a beneficiary of an insurance policy
  • Charitable Trust or Gift Annuity
  • Living Trusts or Wills

By giving an irrevocable contribution to a permanent endowment by means of a “planned gift,” you may qualify for the Montana Qualified Endowment Tax Credit. Ask your tax accountant or estate planner for specific information.

If you would like to donate to the Endowment fund please contact the Center at 120 3rd Ave. SE in Sidney; or by phone at (406) 433-3500, or by e-mail at

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